• Safe and electronics free PTC heaters

    A Conflux heater cannot overheat. You don't need any overheat protection.
    It is self-regulating. You don't need any regulating electronics.
    It produces high heating power when connected to a cold object, and never gets excessively warm. Ideal for ice prevention.
    It automatically strives to keep a constant temperature of your choice.
    It is thin and can be made in any shape and size.

Conflux heaters efficiently prevents ice formation in the train, rail and other industries.

  • Railroad switch heater: Keep the railroad switches free of ice regardless of the ambient conditions. Conflux' powerful heaters prevents ice formation and snow build up at any weather conditions. They cannot overheat which is a common failure mode of conventional railroad switch heaters.

  • Train couplers: Keeps the sensitive parts of train couplers free of ice at all times. The heaters cannot overheat and enables operation of the couplers during all weather conditions.

  • Train brakes: Keeps all sensitive components of the train brakes free of ice at all times. It prevents ice build up on disk brakes, buffing brakes, brake cylinders, and all other components which are important for safe and efficient operation of the brakes.

  • Train suspension: Prevents ice formation which limits the suspension of the trains.

  • Train foot steps: Keeps the foot steps free of ice at all times. Minimizes the risk of accidents.

  • Water feed throughs: Prevent ice formation at water overflow outlets.

  • Head lights: Enable fog free operation of the head lights after switching to LED lamps.