Battery heater

"We enable your batteries to operate properly at any ambient temperature with a minimum of energy and without any regulating electronics."

Battery heater


Lithium based batteries are being used more and more frequently, also outdoor in cold climates. They are used in a wide range of applications from hand-held electronics like mobile phones, tablets, GPS etc. to hybrid and electric vehicles.

In order to safely use and charge these batteries, they have to be kept at a temperature above 0°C, and heated in cold conditions.


Lithium based batteries need to be heated in cold conditions in order to function properly. It is a challenge to find a heating element that is energy efficient, thin, has a uniform heat production and can be made in any shape and size. Even more important, it shall never overheat as it can damage the batteries and even cause a thermal runaway.


Conflux thin PTC heater ensures that your batteries are kept at optimal temperature with a minimum of energy consumption. The inherent point wise self regulation ensures that each part of the battery is heated to the correct temperature. The inherent self-limitation ensures that no point of the heater ever overheats. No control electronics or overheat protection is needed. The flexible Conflux heater is easily attached to any part of the battery cell or its support structure with an adhesive. Just connect it to power and go.


With a Conflux heater your batteries will function properly at any ambient temperature. The colder it is the higher is the heating power. As the temperature approaches levels where heating is not required, the heat production is automatically reduced.

With a Conflux heater the batteries can never be overheated, not even locally.

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