Biotech heater

"A safe and easy heater to keep your biotech samples at a constant temperature."

Lab on chip


Biotech samples, e.g. test tubes, blood, cell or bacteria cultivation bags, fertilization samples etc. often requires accurate heating to a constant temperature. Control electronics including a temperature sensor or a thermostat are often difficult to use as it is not obvious where to measure the temperature.


To provide an easy way of keeping biotech samples at a constant temperature over the whole surface is beneficial for many biotech applications. The heater shall in most cases operate without thermostat or control electronics, be thin and flexible, and never exceed the maximum temperature whatever happens.


Conflux’ thin and flexible biotech heater is ideal for keeping biotech samples at a constant temperature. In most applications it can be used without thermostat or control electronics. Only at extremely strict temperature requirements, a simple control curcuit will be used.


With a Conflux biotech heater your biotech samples will be kept at constant temperature. It will never give a thermal overshoot, it keeps the temperature constant even over large areas and adapts automatically to changes in the ambient temperature and thermal load. If the heater is no longer in contact with an object it automatically shuts off in that area without overheating, still heating in other areas where heating is required.

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