LCD heater

"Conflux' LCD heater enables your LCD displays to operate properly at any ambient temperature with a minimum of energy and without any regulating electronics."

LCD PTC heater


Liquid crystal displays (LCD's) are being more and more used, even in cold environments. They are used in a wide range of applications from hand held electronics like mobile phones, tablets, GPS, etc. over monitors in vehicles to large outdoor information screens.

For the displays to function properly they have be above 0°C, and must be heated in cold conditions.


LCDs need to be heated in cold conditions in order to function properly. It is a challenge to find an LCD heater that is energy efficient, thin, produce heat uniformly and can be formed to any shape and size.


Conflux' ultra thin LCD heater ensures that your LCD display is kept at optimal temperature with a minimum of energy consumption. The inherent point wise self regulation ensures that each part of the LCD is heated to the correct temperature when and where it is needed, without ever overheating any part of it. No control electronics is required. The flexible Conflux heater is simply attached to the back of the LCD display and connected to power.


With a Conflux LCD heater your LCD display will function properly at any ambient temperature. The colder it is the higher is the heating power of the Conflux LCD heater. When the temperature rises to levels where heating is not required, the heat production automatically switches off.

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