Conflux Unique PTC Heaters

Cannot overheat and requires no electronics!

Safe and electronics free PTC heaters

  • A Conflux heater cannot overheat. You don't need any overheat protection.

  • It is self-regulating. You don't need any regulating electronics.

  • High power and comfortably warm. It produces high heating power when connected to a cold object, and never gets excessively warm. Ideal for ice prevention.

  • Keeps a constant temperature. It automatically strives to keep a constant temperature of your choice.

  • Thin and flexible. It is thin and can be made in any shape and size.
  • Unique technology. A Conflux heater is different from any other heater. It is made from a unique PTC rubber material and has properties no other heaters have.

The heater of the future

The Conflux heaters enable:

  • Safe heating. Our heaters will never be warmer than a safety temperature (designable between 30-90°C). They never overheat, not even if they are insulated, detach from the surface or are left free in air. They require no overheat protection electronics. A heating solution free of worries.
  • Simple heating. It rapidly heats an object to your design temperature and keeps it there, automatically and without thermostat or any other regulating electronics. Preferably from freezing temperatures. A carefree day.
  • Energy efficient heating The Conflux heater only produces the heat needed to keep your object at a constant temperature, i.e. the same amount of heat as the object drains away to the environment. No more, no less.

A Conflux PTC heater is especially useful for your applications requiring:

  • No risk of overheating - self-limiting point by point
  • Automatically supply the heat your object requires - self-regulating point by point
  • De-icing and keeping objects warm - high power without high temperatures
  • Energy optimizing - heats only when and where needed
  • Dynamic heat loads - adapts its power instantly when the surrounding conditions change
  • Easy design - eliminate regulating electronics and overheat protection
  • Take no space - thin and flexible

The heater of the future

The film below illustrates what a Conflux PTC heater is and what it beneficially can be used for.

A self-regulating heater, point by point

This film illustrates in more detail how a Conflux heater works. It shows a thermal image of the process when 0°C aluminium pieces (black) are placed on Conflux heater (orange). The heater only produces heat where needed, and only as long as is needed. The film on the top shows a thermal image of the process. The film at the bottom shows the current to the heater, i.e. the heating power produced by the heater.

How does it work?

A Conflux heater strives to always keep a constant temperature. It is self-regulating meaning that it will produce the same amount of heat as is drained away to the object it is attached to (Power in = Power out) in order to keep a constant temperature. This it does automatically without electronics. It is a material property of the heater. Hence, the power the heater produces in every instance is determined by the object the heater is attached to rather than the heater itself.

The heater has an intrinsic temperature above which the heater stops to produce heat. It is self-limiting. Hence, you don't need any overheat protection. I just can't overheat. Also this is a material property of the heater.

When attached to a cold object, it will produce high heating power without getting excessively warm. The heating power gradually decrease as the object gets warmer until an equilibrium point is reached. It will strive to keep the object at this temperature even when the ambient conditions change. This makes a Conflux heater ideal to keep your objects free of ice, keep Li-batteries warm or any other object that needs to be warm with any risk of overheating.

You can see additional demonstration films produced by our sales partner Minco Inc. Minco has recently started to offer self-limiting heaters based on Conflux' unique material under the brand SmartHeat SLT.

Conflux heaters' features:

Pointwise self-regulation - No regulating electronics required

Each point on the heater automatically regulates its heating power to accommodate for varying thermal loads and ambient temperatures. The heater strives to always keep your object at the designed temperature. A low ambient temperatures it gives high power and vice versa.

Pointwise temperature limiting

Each point on the heater has a built-in temperature limiter, inherent to the material itself. It ensures that the heater will never overheat - anywhere.


The heater is only 0.4 mm thin. It can be formed around curved shapes, takes limited space and is easy to attach to most surfaces.

Stable to voltage variations

The heater can be used in a wide voltage range outside its nominal voltage, still striving to always keep your object at the designed temperature.

Rapid warm up

Its low mass ensures a rapid warm up of the heater itself.

High power

The Conflux heater produces high power when the object is cold and reduces the power as the object heats up - self-regulating. Note that even a high power heater will never overheat, anywhere. Not even if it separates from the object it heats or is covered with insulation. Please assure a good thermal contact between the heater and the components to heat.

Optimal energy use

100% of the Conflux foil’s surface is active. Every point on the foil surface is independently temperature limiting and self-regulating. Thus, the foil only heats where it is cold, and only when it is cold which optimizes the power consumption.

Simplifies your design process

Tell us about your heating challenge. Give us the shape of the surface you want to heat, the temperature you want the object to hold and the voltage you have at hand. That is all we need to design your optimal heater. The Conflux foil is thin, and fits in most applications without requiring additional space.
It requires no electronics. No temperature sensor, no control logic, no overheat protection.

Specification of typical heaters:


Temperature range -40 to 80 °C

Maximum ambient temperature 80 °C

Foil thickness 0.4 mm

Encapsulation material PET

Connection Prepared for soldering, riveting or welding

RoHS and REACH compliant YES

Tell us about your heating challenges and we will be proud to tailor your heating solution.

We also offer a variety of sample heaters (see our Sample heaters). The heaters are also sold under the brand SmartHeat.

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