Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems - AdBlue Tank Heater

"Conflux unique heating technology assures that your AdBlue system minimizes the NOx emission from diesel engines instantly after starting the engine - even during very cold days."


Using AdBlue (urea) in diesel engines strongly decreases the emission of nitric oxides (NOx). In many countries AdBlue is mandatory for large diesel driven vehicles. The trend is to include it also in personal cars.

AdBlue is a liquid that freezes at -11°C. At temperatures above +35°C it starts to decompose.


To properly operate diesel vehicles in cold climates the AdBlue needs to be heated above -11°C quickly when the engine is started. It is also important that the heater does not overheat the AdBlue and cause it to decompose. Hence, a heater needs to be included in the AdBlue tank. This heater must:

  • Produce high enough power to rapidly melt any AdBlue ice
  • Not be warmer than 50°C in any point
  • Not overheat if all, or part of, the heater is outside the AdBlue (i.e. in air)
  • Not damage the plastic of the tank
  • Be resistant to AdBlue


The Conflux heater is ideal for heating AdBlue tanks. The colder it is the higher is the heating power, assuring a fast melting of any AdBlue ice. The self-limiting Conflux heater assures that the AdBlue is never overheated, not even locally e.g. at the surface.

The Conflux heater eliminates the need of any regulating electronics or level sensors.

The heater is thin and can be included in your AdBlue tank or SCR system any way you like.


With a Conflux heater in your SCR system the AdBlue melts soon after the engine is started. It takes nearly no space, requires no control electronics or level sensor, and can be formed in any shape.

It will never overheat the AdBlue, not even locally. It can simultaneously melt AdBlue ice in one part and shut-off to prevent the AdBlue from overheating in another part (e.g. at the surface). Dynamically it adjusts itself to compensate for variation in the liquid level e.g. due to inclinations.

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