Self-Limiting and Self-Regulating Heater

As you want a heater to be

A self-regulating heater automatically regulates the power produced without sensors and electronics. When the temperature increases the power produced is automatically reduced, and when the temperature decreases the power produced is automatically increased. This is an intrinsic property of the material the heater is made from.

Conflux takes self-regulating heaters one step further. It is a heater that cannot overheat.

Conflux self-regulating heaters always strives to keep a constant temperature, regardless of the ambient conditions. They not only reduces the power when the temperature increases, they actually switch off the heat production above a certain temperature.
Since the heat production is switched off above a certain temperature, a Conflux self-regulating heater cannot overheat. It requires no overheat protection. It is self-limiting.
Just connect it to power and Go!

Self-regulating heater


  • Safe heating
    A Conflux heater cannot overheat. Not even if it detaches from the object it heats, or is covered by insulating material. It is self-limiting and cannot heat any point of the heater to a temperature higher than the safety temperature of your choice. No thermostat of other overheat protection is needed.
  • Simple heating
    The Conflux heater keeps a constant temperature of your choice. It is self-regulating and automatically adjusts its power point-by-point to bring the object it heats to a constant temperature and keep it there, regardless of how the ambient conditions change. No control electronics is needed. Just connect it to power and go.
  • 100% heat producing area
    With the Conflux technology 100% of the surface generates heat.
  • Point wise temperature regulating and limiting
    Every point on the foil surface is independently temperature self-regulating and self-limiting. Thus, the foil only heats where it is cold and only when it is cold, which optimizes the energy consumption. No point on the heater can ever overheat.
  • Strong PTC characteristics
    Conflux' PTC material has strong PTC characteristics at all temperatures, from -40°C up to the temperature of your choice. Self-regulating means that the colder it is the more power the heater produces. As the temperature of the object rises the heating power gradually decreases. When it reaches the desired temperature, it produces the heat needed to keep the object at this temperature in equilibrium with the surrounding. Hence, a cold object is heated fast and smooth without any risk of a warm overshoot, not even locally - without any regulating electronics.

    The strong PTC effect allows you to design a heater with kilowatts of heating power when it is cold. Still, the object never gets warmer than your desired temperature.
  • High power
    The Conflux foil can be designed to produce heat over a wide power range. Hence, the heater can be made small still producing high power of heat. Note that even a high power heater will never be warmer than the designed safety temperature, not even if it detaches from the object it heats.
  • Low power at high voltage
    The Conflux material can also be designed with high resistivity to provide your customers with heating elements with low power at high voltages.
  • Stable to voltage variations
    A Conflux heater is stable to voltage variations. It keeps the object at a constant temperature over a wide voltage range. This is due to the strong PTC characteristics which strives to keep the heater at a constant temperature regardless of voltage.

Advantages for you

  • Simplified design process
    You only have to decide what temperature your object shall be held at. You don't have to worry about which power you need, designing regulating electronics and overheat protection etc. The Conflux foil is thin and fits in most applications without requiring additional space.
  • No control or regulating electronics are needed
    Due to the inherent self-limiting safety and self-regulation of the Conflux heater, regulating electronics and overheat protection can be eliminated. For our customers this means that they are able to simplify and stream line the applications.

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