Temperature stabilize electronics

"The performance of sensors and electronics can often be significantly improved by temperature stabilization. Conflux offer a plug and play system for temperature stabilization."

Temperature stabilization


Sensors and electronics are often sensitive to changes in the ambient temperature, air flow and other changes in thermal load. A stabilization of the temperature of the sensor, regardless of ambient temperature, will improve the performance of the sensor.


An easy way of temperature stabilization of sensors and electronics, which takes no space, can be retrofitted into existing equipment, requires no thermostat and control electronics is often desirable but difficult to find.


Conflux’ thin and flexible self-adhesive heater can be used to efficiently temperature stabilize sensors and electronics. The heater will keep the sensor at a constant temperature slightly above the highest ambient temperature, regardless of how the ambient temperature varies.

The inherent point wise self regulation assures that each part of the object is heated to the correct temperature when and where it is needed, without ever overheating any part of it. No control electronics is required.


With a Conflux self-adhesive heater for temperature stabilization the performance of your sensor will improve. It will have less drift due to variations in ambient temperature or thermal load.

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