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PTC Heaters for Biotechnology and Medical Technology

Biotech samples stored in for instance test tubes and cultivation bags often require heating at precise and constant temperatures. Regulating electronics including temperature sensors or thermostats can be difficult to use and they also present the issue of where to measure the temperature.

Customized energy efficient PTC heaters with self regulating properties for Life Science / Biotech applications

Thin and flexible biotech heaters based on Conflux technology are ideal for maintaining biotech samples at a constant temperature. The pointwise self-regulating heater is also instrumental in keeping the entire surface maintained at the optimal temperature. In many cases Conflux heaters for biotechnology applications can be used without thermostat or regulating electronics. When these still are needed, the sharp PTC characteristics of the material offers the possibility to make these electronics simpler but also perform more stable. The inherent overheat protection of the Conflux heater also makes them the perfect safety choice for MedTech heating applications.

Customized PTC heater used in Medtech application