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Customized Heating Solutions

Conflux offers customized heating solutions tailored to address any customer-specific need. Solutions developed and manufactured by Conflux that at delivery are ready to be installed and connected to a power source thereby reducing time to application launch.

Customized energy efficient PTC heaters with self regulating properties

A Conflux heater can normally be designed to utilize the available voltage, ranging from 12 VDC up to 230 VAC. In cases requiring for instance the prevention of ice forming on heavy objects in particularly harsh environments, a higher voltage might be advantageous. Conflux heaters are very thin, only 0.4mm thick. Depending on the application area, the heater is however delivered with an additional 0.1 to 2 mm protective layer of plastic or stainless steel. Conflux customized heaters can be designed and manufactured in accordance with any customer size and shape requirements.

For more information about how Conflux PTC heaters work, visit the following link: Click here.