Keeping the heat on. Just right. All the time.

Innovative PTC Heater Technology

The Conflux Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) material is a conductive polymer-based rubber that exhibits extreme resistance variation properties depending on the surrounding temperature. In effect, the material is temperature self-regulating at every single point.

The self-regulating resistance variation enables the material to generate high power when cold and still have a low working temperature. The result is lower power consumption with low thermal losses at thermal equilibrium, a perfect combination when heat needs to be applied in demanding applications and environments.

Thanks to the materials in every point self-regulating property, the need for regulation electronics is eliminated and that the material has a built in overheat protection. It also means that large areas can be kept at a very even temperature despite outside temperature fluctuations.

The sharp increase in electrical resistance (the PTC effect) in combination with the flexible and thin foil shape of the heating material makes it ideal for a wide array of application areas where exceptional performance is required:

  • When overheating is unacceptable due to safety concerns
  • When stable and pointwise temperature regulation is of high importance
  • When available space and weight in relation to the capacity to handle extreme and variable temperatures are critical
  • When large thermal loads need to be kept free from ice and snow