Keeping the heat on. Just right. All the time.

Unique Benefits

A Conflux heater offers numerous advantages over conventional heating solutions.

PTC heater graph

Strong PTC Characteristics

  • The Conflux Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) rubber material has strong PTC characteristics. This enables the design of a self-regulating heater with unprecedented heating power that still never gets warmer than the designated temperature.

Energy Efficient

  • Due to its very low equilibrium working temperature, self-regulating properties, and flexible geometry possibilities, the Conflux heaters are up to 50% more energy efficient than other conventional solutions


  • The Conflux PTC rubber material is temperature self-regulating thereby automatically adjusting heat levels in order to maintain a constant defined temperature.No additional regulation electronics or sensors are therefore needed.


  • A Conflux heater cannot overheat, not even in the case it detaches from the object it heats. Thanks to the materials self-regulating properties it cannot heat any point of the heater beyond the chosen safety temperature. No thermostat or other overheat protection is needed.

Pointwise temperature regulating and limiting

  • Every point of the foil surface is independently temperature self-regulating and self-limiting. The foil therefore only applies heat where it is cold and only when it is cold in order to continuously maintain the designed temperature of the object it heats.

High & low power capabilities

  • The Conflux foil can be designed to produce heat over a wide power range. The heater can therefore be small but still produce large amounts of heat. The high power per unit area ensures a rapid warming of the application or object. The Conflux foil can also be designed with a high resistivity in order to provide heating elements with low power at high voltages.

Stable to voltage variations

  • A Conflux heater is stable to voltage variations. Thanks to the material’s strong PTC characteristics, the heater strives to maintain the heated object at a constant temperature over a wide voltage range outside its nominal voltage.

Flexible design properties

  • Conflux heaters are very thin, only 0.4mm thick and can easily be integrated directly into any application. Conflux thin-film heaters can be formed around curved shapes, take limited space and are easy to attach to most surfaces. They can be customized in accordance with most customer-specific requirements.