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AdBlue PTC heater


You can use a Conflux heater for any application where you need to keep an application or object at a constant temperature, when you want to reduce the energy consumption of your heater or when you need to ensure that all areas of an applicant or object are evenly heated. The Conflux Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) rubber material has strong PTC characteristics at surrounding temperatures from -40oC up to 80oC. This enables the design of a self-regulating heater with unprecedented heating power that still never gets warmer than the designated temperature. The high power per unit area ensures a rapid warming of an application or object.


The Conflux Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) material is a conductive polymer-based rubber that exhibits extreme resistance variation properties depending on the surrounding temperature. When a voltage is applied to the PTC heater electrical current flows through the PTC rubber material and the resistivity of the material causes it to heat up. As it does so, the resistivity increases rapidly and the power (heat) produced decreases. Within a few seconds, the amount of produced heat is in equilibrium with the amount of heat conducted and the amount of heat radiated away from the heater. The heater reached its equilibrium temperature and remains there.

The exponential PTC properties of the material assures that the equilibrium temperature is virtually insensitive to changes in the ambient temperature. In effect, the material is temperature self-regulating at every single point. The self-regulating resistance variation enables the material to generate high power when cold and still have a low equilibrium working temperature. The result is lower power consumption with low thermal losses at thermal equilibrium, a perfect combination when heat needs to be applied in demanding applications and environments.

Thanks to the materials in every point self-regulating property, the need for regulation electronics is eliminated and that the material has a built in overheat protection. It also means that large areas can be kept at a very even temperature despite outside temperature fluctuations. Temperatures can be fine-tuned by simply varying the voltage.


The Conflux heater produces high power when the surrounding temperature is low and gradually increases its power as the application or object approaches the designated temperature. This makes it possible to receive kilowatts of power when the application or object is cold. A Conflux heater can be designed to maintain a constant temperature of an application or object within the range of 0oC up to 70oC.

Thanks to these operational properties and that Conflux PTC foils are very thin, only 0.4mm thick (depending on the application area, the heater is however delivered with an additional 0.1 to 2 mm protective layer of plastic or stainless steel), they can be customized for a wide array of needs and where size and shape is imperative. Conflux thin-film heaters can be formed around curved shapes, take limited space and are easy to attach to most surfaces. They can be customized in accordance with most customer-specific requirements.